Monday, August 7, 2017


Wow, I can't believe we are already a week into August. Before we know it it'll be my 31st birthday, then my 10 year anniversary! We haven't been doing a whole lot lately. It's been so hot and we've actually been home a lot. I'm getting pretty ready for Isaac to start back up at his preschool. I think he's ready too. He's been so bored. Lately, he's had so much energy. And he's actually in the process of dropping his nap. On one hand he still needs it but if he takes a nap thats longer than a little catnap like 20 min then he can stay up until almost midnight! Hah, no thanks!

Gracelyn is trying to crawl. She's up on her knees rocking. Its so cute. She's growing up so fast! They both are and it makes me so sad! I find myself constantly looking at pictures and videos of Isaac. It's so easy to focus on the hard times but all I see when I look back are the good times and sweet moments that are gone.

I'm really really trying hard to be appreciative and in the moment. Because every time I blink Isaac is an inch taller and Gracelyn looks less like a baby.

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