Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sleep training Gracelyn

Yeah. Sleep training.....

Not for the faint of heart. In fact it may break your heart into a million pieces. Actually, I guarantee it. Here' the break down of how its going to far. We are following The Sleepeasy Solution by Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivak as recommended by my pediatrician. It's basically the Ferber method where you let them cry and go in at different intervals for check ins. At the check ins you dont pick her up or touch her just use your voice in an upbeat tone and tell her how much you love her and that its ok for her to go to sleep now. Our pediatrician recommended it to me almost a month ago but I haven't been ready to do it until this past week. We had a horrible week and ended up cosleeping for most of the week. That is great for other people but I just was never comfortable and I slept so horribly that I knew something had to change. So we decided that since we had a long weekend to go ahead and get started. I could find a million reasons to put it off but its just prolonging the inevitable.

Night 1
In bed at 7:14
Crying started 7:24
1st check 7:30
2nd 7:40
3rd 8:00
The checks seems to make her more mad
4th 8:20
5th 8:40
Stopped crying at 9
Asleep 9:10
Total crying time an hour and 45 min
back awake at 9:35
Asleep at 9:40
awake 9:55
cried off and on until 10:40
Dream feed 10:50
Slept until 12;45 then cried off and on in intervals of 15 min or so until 2
Dream feed 2:15
Slept until 6:15 then up for the day....

Whew. It was brutal. We followed the same system for her naps. 2 hours after her wake time we were putting her in her bed for a nap and doing the checks. She slept an hour for her first nap then 45 min for the second. And for the 3rd and final nap we knew she needed a long good rest to ensure that she would be successful and not overtired for bed time so we opted to put her in her swing awake instead of her crib and she slept almost 2 hours. So now for Night 2.

Night 2
Bed 7:00
1st check 7:05
2nd 7:17
3rd check 7:30
we were going to do another check at 7:45 but by this point she wasn't crying completely anymore and the book says to stretch out your intervals if the baby is going 30 seconds or more without crying.
Asleep by 8:00 and its been an hour so far and she's still asleep so its been so much better than yesterday already.

She was really tired today until her nap in her swing but we can see on the monitor that she's already more relaxed tonight.

I hope this means we are on the down hill end of things and that the crying will be ending very soon. I hate it but we did it with Isaac as well and as heart breaking as it was it did work. You can read about that here.

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