Thursday, July 27, 2017

Gracelyn 6 mo update

Ah! I just realized I'm late getting Gracelyn's 6mo update on the blog.

She is doing amazing! I just love her so much! We are all pretty smitten. I feel like we have really gotten to that sweet spot. She's sitting up really well and loves to grab and play with toys. Or anything close by. She's about 16.5 lbs and in the 75th percentile. I don't really know how long she is the pediatrician we use doesn't always tell me all these little stats like Isaac's did in The Woodlands. You can read Isaac's 6 month update here. She is smiling and laughing all the time. She loves tasting food but isn't super crazy about swallowing it, haha. She'd much rather me give her a sweet potato fry to suck on over some puree. She's sleeping sooooooo much better. She wakes up 1-2 times a night but is in her bed from 6:30-7:30(ish) almost every night. She loves watching Isaac and he loves to love on her. Yesterday morning he heard her waking up on the monitor and ran as fast as he could to her room and threw open the door saying, "Hi pretty girl!" and it scared her so she started crying and then he started crying. And he said, "She's yelling at me!" it was so sad and sweet at the same time. He wants to hold her all the time and I have to watch him like a hawk because he isn't always the most gentle, haha. She sleeps in Isaac's old Zipadee-zips and I'm hoping we can get her out of them sooner than we did him!

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  1. That is SO cute that he went running in her room to see her and then thought she was yelling at him. How precious!