Friday, June 23, 2017

Gracelyn 5 month update

Wow, I gave birth 5 months ago! Time is going so quickly. Gracelyn is around 16 lbs and doing well! The only thing we really struggle with is sleeping. She is waking up so frequently I'm unable to keep count of how many times usually. It's different with her than it was with Isaac. He had bad sleep habits and I think thats partly the problem with her as well. But she is also having gas/tummy issues. So that has made it hard to do anything about the sleep problems such as sleep training. I'm trying to wait until her 6 month appt and see what her pediatrician recommends. Otherwise I'm cutting out dairy from my diet hardcore to see if that eliminates her pain and gas. She tried avocado from the first time this week! The first time she didn't like it and then the second time I mixed it with breastmilk and she loved it! She's almost sitting up but not quite. She is smiley and laughs at Isaac a lot. You can tell she adores him already. If he walks past her she starts smiling. It's so cute! She still wont take a bottle so we are going to start trying sippy cups soon.

I'd love it if she could sleep in her crib but we just aren't there yet. Maybe by 6 months!

A few pictures:

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