Tuesday, June 27, 2017


This little blog has become like a little best friend. I can come here and pour my heart out without judgement. It's probably why I've blogged off and on for myself the last several years. I don't know if anyone reads it but I hope that it helps someone else to not feel alone if they do stumble upon it. These days talking to real life friends is few and far between. We are all so busy with our own lives that it's hard to truly catch up. I hope one day I'm able to have that kind of friendship I used to have where I could just go walk around Target with someone or sit on the couch and just talk. I think its going to be a really long time. It's hard to manage a phone conversation! Even if I find that person here when you have little kids its hard to do that kind of stuff. So it will probably when my kids are older and can be more independent. I'm still glad that we have established our lives here though. It feels like where we are meant to be. I don't want to look at this time period and only see sad and emo like posts on here. I love my life. I love my kids and my family. I'm so super blessed. I just always come on here and dump my feelings and thoughts out like word vomit when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Or just feeling like I need to get something out. Thats what this little space is for. That and for other things I want to remember about the kids and life.

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