Monday, May 22, 2017

3 years old.

Oh my sweet Isaac. He is 3 years old. He is so amazing. He is so loving and funny. Every night before we go to bed we talk about our favorite part of our day and I ask him who he wants to pray for. At some point when we are laying in his bed he tells me I'm his best friend. So then I pretty much melt into a puddle. Even after I have to get on to him many times during the day he still wants me at night. I'm grateful for his innocence and his loving heart.

We had a great day on Saturday! We had family in town and about 5 of his friends came over to play and celebrate. It ended up raining but that didnt stop the kids from having fun! When you're 3 a little mud just makes the party better, haha. Justin and I got him a bike which was the biggest hit out of all the presents. We also got him a kids kindle fire tablet which he hasn't really cared too much about. I'm kinda fine with that to be honest. It was such a fun day for us to watch him actually enjoy a birthday party for the first time. His first birthday was huge with a lot of people but of course he doesn't remember that. And then last year we went to Disney on his birthday which was super awesome but not an actual birthday party. He loved having a bunch of friends come over just to see him. I was surprisingly emotional all weekend. I guess I just realized how much my life has changed over the last three years. And I'm so grateful I get to experience this life and watch him grow. It's all happening so fast too. I really wanted Isaac to feel special and I think he did.

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