Thursday, April 20, 2017

3 months

Gracelyn, you are almost 3 months (I'm a few days early!) and little sweetie you keep me on my toes. She was sleeping amazing for about a week or so and only waking up once at night. And I was able to put her down sleepy but still awake and she would fall asleep. But alas that has all changed now. She is waking up every 2-3 hours and even when she is asleep she is so noisy. She either trying to get her hands out of her swaddle to chew on them or making little grunting noises. I'm tempted to put her in her room. But the doctor suggests keeping her in our room for 6 months to reduce SIDS risk. So can't argue with that!

She's a little chunk at over 14 lbs! I'm not sure of the exact weight but I think we are close to 14.5 or 15 lbs. Carrying her in the carseat is my workout for the day and my right arm is getting ripped, haha.

She is starting to laugh!! It's still hard to coax it out of her but its exciting anyway. Her smiles are the cutest! Its like she smiles with her whole body and you can even see it in her shoulders. I love that and I hope it stays.

Isaac is still in love with her and sometimes gets a little too close but I hope he is always this way with her.

A few pictures...

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