Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A great weekend.

This past weekend was just so great. It felt so normal. We didn't stay in our pajamas all day watching tv which is what its felt like ever since we've had Gracelyn. We left the house in the morning on Saturday and Sunday and both days stayed out and about until 6pm or so. Whoaaaaaaa. Mind blown. It felt so good to feel normal and like we were handling life with two kids well. During the week is a little harder since I have both of them by myself but I still make an effort to get out of the house with both of them daily if I can. Thankfully I have my Lillebaby carrier because there are some days G lives in that thing.

Today we have her 8 week check up (a week late) we've gotten off on her appts I think because of the RSV scare we had before. In fact I'm a little nervous because she woke up sounding a little congested and phlegmy this morning and so now I have anxiety that the doctor will tell me she has RSV again.

I've had some trouble with her sleeping lately and that has been wearing me out. It seems like I spend most of the day trying to get her to nap. I'm supposed to put her down sleepy but still awake so she falls asleep on her own and its a struggle for real. We were doing great for a couple weeks but the last few days I end up just giving in and breastfeeding her to sleep which is something I hate doing because I did that with Isaac and it was hard to break that. Or I just walk and rock her to sleep. I dont want her to become dependent on these things! Ugh, its a struggle for real. But she has been so smiley and we've all just bonded with her more the last few weeks since she has been so much more responsive to us.

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