Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2 months

My little Gracelyn is two months old. The time is going quickly and I'm sad and actually ok with it. This newborn phase has been hard. Like really hard. She is literally attached to me all day long either in my tired arms (Which are getting more toned, hah!) or in my Lillebaby carrier (love that thing!). Even Justin has a hard time getting her settled down and she will cry until I'm holding her. She's a mama's girl thats for sure. I'm excited to see how our bond will continue as she gets older. But it is draining because I have to give Isaac as much attention I can spare as well. Or incorporate her in playing with him as much as possible. That's usually short lived. But on that note Isaac loves her so much. I'm usually telling him to get out of her face because he can't stop kissing her or to stop trying to tickle her because he's so rough. But she will look at him and smile and I can't wait until she laughs at him the first time. She's eating about every 2 hours or so and if I keep her really full in the evening and awake she will sleep from about 9/10ish until 2 so that's wonderful for me if I go to bed at the same time! After that she wakes up every 2- 3 hours. So she's so far a better sleeper. She's just super grumpy during the day if I let her get over tired. But she has been better about me being able to put her down sleepy but awake and she will go to sleep most of the time. I hope I can do better with sleeping with her! She still wont take a paci, hates her swing and absolutely hates the car seat and cries during every car ride so thats fun, haha. I just love hugging and kissing her and her skin is just so soft. I'm excited to see what her personality will be like. And I'm just so excited to see what family adventures we will have!


I love you so much and I'm so so thankful that God blessed me with a little girl. I didn't know how much I would love it. I love that you want me and need me so much and I pray that I can be the best mama I can to you and Isaac. My hope is that I can teach you about Jesus and that you will love him and serve him with all of your heart.

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