Tuesday, February 21, 2017


It has been a whirlwind of a week. Last Sunday 2/12 I noticed Gracelyn sounded a little congested so I called the pediatrician monday morning and we went it to see him. He looked up her nose and decided that she was aspirating breastmilk in her nasal passage whenever she would spit up. I noticed that it wasnt getting any better as the week progressed so wednesday night I sent a message via the patient portal to her doctor and he wanted to see her Thursday morning. As soon as he came in the room he had a concerned look on his face and said he suspected she had RSV. RSV is respiratory syncytial virus and is highly contagious. She most likely got it from Isaac who had been suffering from "allergies" for the last week. He instructed me to take her directly to the childrens ER at a nearby hospital. We were admitted and she had her oxygen monitored overnight and we were released to go home the next morning. Not how I imagined spending time with her in her first few weeks of life. I was told to be on alert for any fever or difficulty breathing and to bring her back if any of these things occured. Friday night was an exremely rough night and she and I were both miserable and didnt sleep. Saturday morning she seemed better and then we noticed by the afternoon she started feeling warm. So I took her rectal temperature and it was 101. Her cutoff to bring her to the ER was 100.4 so I immediately started packing a bag to take her back to the ER. This time in the ER they took it more seriously. Since she was under a month old they had to rule out other reasons for the fever and the standard of care is to do a blood and urine panel and to also check her spinal fluid for meningitis. So all of that sounded very scary. And on top of that they wanted to keep her for 48 hours. This was pretty scary and as an already exhausted mama it almost put me over the edge. But the hospital we were at was so amazing and I cannot speak its praises enough. They made us so comfortable and in the end her cultures stayed clear and we were released after 36 hours. She had a good check up with her pediatrician this morning and I think we are finally in the clear. I'm so ready for a normal boring life, haha. Life lesson wash your hands way more than you think you should. And even though big brother is being sweet make sure he keeps his distance a bit. 

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