Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Newborn life.

I forgot how hard it is to have to hold a squirmy baby all day. She never wants to be put down when she's awake. On top of that she is very gassy and fussy. We are breastfeeding and are still finding our groove. We had a horrible night last night where I ended up holding her most of the night and she was grunting or crying more of the night.

On the flip side shes so beautiful and squishy and cuddly. It just gets hard being the only adult at home and the only one to hold her. I'd just like 2 hands every once in awhile. You know, to go to the bathroom or eat something. I've tried putting her in the K'tan and she hates it so far. I'm going to keep trying though. Hopefully she gets used to it eventually.

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