Sunday, January 1, 2017

Full tank.

I feel like I need to document this weekend. It has been so wonderful! It started with Justin working from home on Friday which is becoming a favorite of mine. Then I had someone come and deep clean my house and it actually still looks pretty good! A clean house makes my heart so happy. Especially since I have a hard time getting around to everything these days. Friday night we had family movie night and watched Storks which was actually pretty cute. Saturday was a productive day. Justin helped me put away some freezer meals for after the baby is here. It just felt good to knock something big off my to do list and I couldn't have done it alone. Saturday night was New Years Eve and our neighbors invited us over. We are never social and never have plans so we were excited! We went over there and had nachos and conversations and Isaac got to play with their little girl who is a little older than him. This morning I made a big breakfast then had a lovely bath with some new bath bombs. It was awesome. After that we invited our neighbors over to let the kids play some more since they had such a good time the night before. And let me tell you it feels good to be around other people, haha. Justin has been watching the Cowboys game and the weather is really springy feeling. I still want some cold weather since we havent had any but I do love me some spring! What has me the most excited is Justin is cooking me dinner!! And it smells so good!! He hasn't made me dinner in like 8 years or something. Other than grilling something here and there but nothing like whats on the menu tonight. Tonight we are having crab cakes, coconut shrimp, garlic shrimp linguine, and he even made baklava! Which I just got to taste and its fantastic!! My heart is so full and soon my belly will be too! This meal is an act of love and it just makes me so happy. If our daughter decides to make her appearance sometime soon I will feel grateful to have had such a lovely weekend with us 3.

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