Sunday, February 28, 2016

My sweet boy.

Wow, Isaac is approaching 2 so quickly. In the last few weeks he has really started speaking a lot more. When I say speaking its still mostly babble but you can tell he's trying. He's been establishing his independence lately. Don't try to help feed him because he wants to do everything for himself. And how does it keep getting more fun? I'm so super stoked to have another and see him as a big brother. That will just be the coolest! Currently we spend a lot of our day outdoors. He loves dirt and rocks. All boy I tell ya. He showers me with kisses and will rub my arm gently. He's so so sweet. He will point to dogs and birds and shout out "gah" for dog and "buhh" for bird. Instead of saying "moo" he says "umm" or the "mmm" sound. He loves crayons and markers. He still loves Mickey Mouse. He's a little shy and will sort of watch other people instead of joining in with kids. Sorry Bud, thats my personality right there. Over and over again I will say that he's a joy because he is. Some days are complicated and I don't see the joy but I always realize that I'm blessed. So blessed.

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