Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year.

A new year has started and already we've made some big changes! We started out with a bang and decided it was time to lose Isaac's pacifier. I decided to cut the tip and he actually chose to throw it away. He wasn't interested in it at all. The first day actually went really well. He took 2 naps without it. The first night was not as smooth and I'm pretty sure he woke up 4 times. It was pretty rough. The next day was about the same. That night he woke up 2 times. So it was a little better. And last night he woke up once but it was because his foot got caught in the railings so I call that a success. We also decided to try and transition him to a one nap schedule. He's been going back and forth between one and two naps for awhile!

Justin and I are also doing the usual "Lets be healthy" routine, haha. So we are all stocked up on yummy healthy foods and are getting back into working out. Justin joined a dietbet so thats motivating!

Those are our 2 big changes!

This year my little sister will be getting married and I'm her matron of honor so that will be very exciting! And hopefully we will get pregnant sometime this year.

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