Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Broken heart.

Our world completely changed Monday night. I was cleaning up dinner and Isaac was in the living room with our dog, Ava. I didn't know that she was right next to him. Isaac has been in love with Ava and obsessed with her for awhile. Every animal he calls "Awa". He is always hugging on her and petting her. She has been very patient with him for the most part. There have been a few times when he has pulled her ears or nose and she has growled at him. So I am usually very watchful and careful to pull him away from her so she can have some space. We have had her for over 7 years and she was our baby before our baby. I have always loved Dobermans and she has had the sweetest personality.

I didn't see what happened but I heard her growl and bark and him start crying and when Justin looked at his face and said we had to go to the emergency room my world fell apart. I had hoped it was just a warning bark. I had hoped she didn't get his face. She's never bitten anyone before she would never do that, right? But she did. I don't know if it was provoked or not but it doesn't matter. I have an 18mo old who doesn't know boundaries with dogs. He loves them and can't tell when a dog doesn't want to be messed with. We took him to the ER where he had to receive stitches on both of his cheeks and where we were told how lucky we are because she scratched his eye lid but didn't damage his eye. It could have been so much worse. As soon as I saw the blood running down his face I knew in my heart we couldn't keep her.

The ER had to report it to Animal Control and we were informed she would need to be quarantined for 10 days at a shelter or vets office.

We are so thankfully that Isaac's injuries are not permanent and long lasting. We are so thankful that God has provided us with a new home for Ava and that she will get to stay in the family where we can still visit her. We are thankful that Isaac won't remember this and that he isn't afraid of dogs. He woke up the next morning and went to hug her on her face again.

We have been wrestling with the decision to keep her or not but the risk of it happening again is not something we can live with. Remembering his screams as he was getting stitches is enough for me to remember that I can't put him in that position again. My heart is broken and so sad that my dog is leaving the family. Justin and I are so sad and can't stop crying about it. We could really use some prayers of peace and comfort about our decision. We know what we need to do but it doesn't make it any easier. On top of that we have our beagle, Molly who has been consistently aggressive towards Isaac for months. She is very jealous of him and growls at him when he walks in her direction. Now that Ava is quarantined and not around he has had more focus on Molly. So we've decided we cant take a chance on her biting him as well. So my mother in law is going to take her. We have been dog owners for over 8 years and for both of them to suddenly be gone it is just shocking.

I'm just praying for peace and that we can settle into our new normal smoothly.

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