Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I've got the fever...

Baby fever. I'm easily influenced. I can say that honestly. And there are several people in my circle that are pregnant or have just had babies recently. It has me starting to want another one. I also think about how sweet Isaac will be as a big brother. He's super obsessed with me though so I think he will be the jealous type. Part of this is also because I met with an OBGYN yesterday for my yearly and since we moved I had to find a new one. I'm lucky because the first one I've seen here is great! And he's willing to let me try to do a VBAC. I'm not dead set against another C-section but to know that I have the option to a natural birth is nice. I don't regret the way that I gave birth to Isaac and have any ill feelings but I do feel like I missed out on the experience. I can say that we wont be trying anytime soon. We will definitely be waiting until 2016 before we even start trying. But time does fly and it will be here before we know it!

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