Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Is it Monday? it's not but it feels like it could be. For some reason my patience is very thin and my frustration is very high this morning. My little man hasn't been sleeping as well as he used to for a while now. At this point I'm not sure why. Ears? Teething? who knows. My lack of sleep is definitely laying the groundwork for me to be more irritated during the day. This is what our morning looked like: Isaac waking up super early after not going to sleep until very late. Me not having enough milk for him this morning. Isaac dumping a huge glass of water all over my nightstand, books, and phone charger (at least it wasnt my phone!). And just being really cranky himself. I dont like being short with him on these kinds of days. All I can do is take a deep breath and pray for encouragement and patience. Coffee helps too!

Here are the good things about today: its overcast and sprinkling. This will be good for our dead grass. I'm blessed to be home with Isaac instead of having to work full time. I have been blessed financially and I can easily run to the store and buy some more milk. I have a lot to be thankful for actually.

I'm going to embrace my life and all the ups and downs.

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