Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I thought I would write an update today. Isaac has been in daycare twice a week for about a month now. He still cries when I drop him off and he cries when I pick him up. I hope this changes soon! It breaks my heart that he cries. However I know as soon as I leave he stops. I also get pictures during the day of him playing and that's reassuring. He is running around like crazy. I dont know why people rush into the crawling and walking stage. I prefer the stage when he can sit up and I can put him on a blanket and know that he wont be leaving. But it is kinda fun because he follows me around like he's my shadow. And we love to play chase. He has had a couple ear infections. I blame daycare. But he's gotta build up immunity sometime, right? He has started shaking his head no recently. I'm not sure where he picked that up from. Its kinda cute though to ask a question and for him to be able to communicate back. Even if he just shakes his head no to everything now! He goes to bed between 7/7:30. He was sleeping completely through the night until 7 the next morning but with the ear infections he's been waking up earlier or in the middle of the night again. He is such a joy and has so much personality!

I've decided to take temporary work instead of permanent hygiene positions. The flexibility will be nice. We are also going to try and make traveling more a priority. We are going to Beavers Bend, OK in October so we are looking forward to that!

That's about all for now.

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