Monday, August 24, 2015


Wow, who knew that when I stopped breastfeeding that Isaac would start getting so many ear infections. Okay, so I cant just blame that. I also blame daycare and not washing his hands enough at home. In the past 3 weeks Isaac has been to the pediatrician 3 times and urgent care once. Now we have an appointment with the ENT for a consultation for tubes. I HATE the idea of him going under anesthesia but he's so miserable that I can't put it off. I know there are a lot of natural things I can try but he's had a fever for 4 days now and no one has been sleeping in the house. Its not worth risking his hearing. I'm hoping when we go to the ENT that the audio test goes well.

I have been going a hundred miles an hour it seems like and this mama is ready for a break!

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