Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Prime day.

After my post about reading yesterday I started thinking about how much I love to read and how I want to buy more books. The problem being that I already have a very full bookshelf and not a lot of room for another. I have always been against getting an E-reader like a Kindle. However after our recent move (moving books is such a pain!) and my hate for clutter I made the decision to get a Kindle. If I find a series that I really love I can always purchase it in hardcopy. I do love the feel of pages in my hand and the smell of books. One of my favorite things to do is walk around bookstores too. Having a Kindle doesnt mean I have to stop doing that but now I can just purchase it from the device. I'm kinda excited but also a tad sad because in a way I feel like I'm betraying my books. That may seem silly but oh well. And thanks to Prime day I was able to get my Kindle for $30 off! What a deal! I made the decision at the right time! Now I just need some books to read!

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