Thursday, June 4, 2015

Something less depressing.

My last post is so depressing so I wanted to do an update. I'm feeling much better. Not 100% better but better nonetheless. My mood has really plummeted since I stopped breastfeeding. I'm hoping once my hormones get back to a normal state that my mood will too. I've started taking vitamin D and have seen an improvement as well. It has also stopped raining here and Texas and that sure has helped.

My brother and his new wife just moved in and they have kept me company lately. Having other adults in the house is a big help especially when Justin is at work and I'm usually at home with Isaac.

Speaking of Isaac we almost have a walker! He has so far taken a few steps unassisted and will be running in no time, I'm sure.

On my to do list for June will be:

  • Join a gym with a day care. I think its important for me to get back in shape and feel better about myself.
  • Find a day care for Isaac. I'm not sure if I want to put him in day care this month or just find a place I'm comfortable with. A lot of the day cares I'm interested in are actually preschools with a waiting list. So I might put him on a waitlist somewhere. 
  • Depending on the day care situation I may start looking for a job. I love my career and I'm ready to get back in to it part time. 
Starting back to work is exciting and also stressful. I know I'm kinda bored and ready for some me time right now but I'm scared I'll regret it if I go back to work too soon. I dont know. On one hand I love being able to take Isaac to the mall. library and swimming lessons. So I'll just pray about it and see if anything sort of falls into my lap.

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