Friday, June 12, 2015


I thought I had experienced teething with Isaac before this point. I was wrong. SO wrong. That was nothing compared to him getting his molars. Oh my word. Even though I'm a dental hygienist I still feel kinda lost. He is not loving cold stuff as you would think. He doesnt want to eat much at all. I also dont want to keep him on pharmaceuticals around the clock. At night time though...oh its on. Bring on the motrin and tylenol. He still feels terrible though. I've tried the amber teething necklace in the past and I didnt notice a huge difference with it. I want to try it again but I can't find it since we've moved! Dang it! The only upside is he sure is snuggly. I do love that. I am ready to have my sleeping through the night baby back.

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