Monday, April 20, 2015

11 months.

Eleven months. Ahhhh....I don't want to believe it. He is so much fun. Sometimes he just sits in his carseat and will start giggling. I fall in love with him and my heart swells with joy. And he is so close to walking. I think he may be walking by his first birthday. His milestones are very exciting and that will be a big one! Isaac does  not like moving! Who does though? really. After a week he is finally sleeping better. He has enjoyed crawling and discovering the new house and yard. Oh how he loves the grass! At our last yard he wasn't able to play outside because the yard had stickerburrs. So our favorite thing here is go outside and play! One of Isaacs favorite games to play is chase! I can hide behind the couch and he will just giggle trying to find me and then either chasing after me or vice versa. It will definitely bring out the kid in me! He is such a good eater. He still breastfeeds at night and when he wakes up but he looooooves table food. Except for eggs. Don't try to feed him those! Ive been trying to plan for his birthday next month and its a little stressful! There is a lot of expectations for one year old birthdays! Its crazy! I know it will be great though!

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