Friday, March 27, 2015


Isaac has been so fussy the last few days. I suspected teething but I noticed that he was favoring pulling on his left ear only and it was red. I mean, I'm sure it was red from him pulling on it but you always second guess yourself when it comes to your baby! And Isaac has never really been sick. He had a small cold when he was like 4 months old but it wasn't enough to see the pediatrician. We have been so blessed to only go for well visits but today I decided to make an appointment, just in case. In fact today the front desk made a comment about how we don't look familiar. Its something to be proud of and I attribute his health to being breastfed for so long. Luckily he does not have an ear infection and he is just teething! Whew! But man was I grossed out being there. I figured if he wasn't sick already then we would both get sick from being in the waiting room! Isaac wanted to play with all of the toys and crawl on the floor which made me cringe and start sweating, haha. I of course hovered with baby wipes and hand sanitizer so hopefully he doesn't get sick now! I'm crossing my fingers that we will make it to the one year mark without another trip to the pediatrician or illness!

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