Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Random ramblings.

I typically love cold weather but this weekend the sun came up and it was 70 degrees and all of a sudden I was all, "I must be outside!" It was fantastic weather I needed a break from the cloudiness. We took Isaac on a walk to the park in our subdivision in search of some baby swings. They didn't have those typical bucket type swings though. Instead they had these weird chair ones so I got in it and put him in my lap. Not quite what I hoped for but still fun nonetheless.

Another thing the weather has me hoping for? Muscles. This time of year I start feeling that motivation and drive to work out again. I'm not saying it lasts long but I start to get that workout itch. I'm trying to decide if I want to rejoin a nearby gym and try to start going early in the mornings before Justin starts working so I can start to get back in shape. The problem is will I actually do it? I have a hard time working out at my house why is a gym going to be different? I'm gonna think on that one some more.

I've started to do some spring cleaning too and man do I love a clean house with  lit candle. Aint nothing better.

My little baby has started crawling and says "mama"! Where does the time go!?

We took Valentines day pictures this past weekend and it was hard to get him to smile but when he did it was precious! We got a few good ones. 

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