Friday, February 20, 2015

9 months.

9 months.

I don't want to believe it. 9 months has passed since I gave birth to the little boy that has stolen my heart. In some ways it still feels like yesterday. He is 23.9 lbs, 30.5 inches long and in the 95th and 99th percentile for weight and height. We had to upgrade his car seat from the infant seat to a convertible car seat. Babies R Us has a trade-in program right now where you trade in the old car seat for a new one and get 25% off. And I actually had a hard time trading in his infant seat. It forced me to realize he is quickly approaching toddlerhood. I develop sentimental attachments to things really easily. I mean, we brought him home in that seat. Justin could tell I was having a hard time as we were standing in line to check out and he quickly offered to forget about the savings and just keep the car seat. I thought about it for a minute but I had already decided that we would go ahead and trade it in. Sure, we could probably get another use out of it before the expiration date but I knew I would probably want a "fresh" one for the next baby anyway. So I let the cashier take our first car seat away. I don't know what they do with them but it was hard for me to walk away and leave it. I'm so ridiculous.

One of my coworkers just had her first baby last week. I tried to tell her how fast time flies. One minute you have a small snuggly bundle and the next a squirming toddler sized infant that is trying to get away from you and crawl towards an electrical outlet. I don't know why out of everything in the room he goes to the plug of shock and death first.

In the last month Isaac has learned to go from laying down to sitting up on his own, crawling and saying "mamamamama". So maybe he hasn't completely associated the word "Mama" with me but we are still counting it as his first word. He has 4 teeth, his lower and upper centrals. He is still breastfeeding but gets a couple bottles of formula throughout the day as needed. He eats most table food. Pretty much whatever we eat he eats too. The only foods I keep away from him are nuts, fish, and egg whites due to potential allergens if you introduce it before 1 yr of age. And I try not to give him too much processed foods like crackers and sugary things. We are working on learning how to use sippy cups but for the most part he isn't interested.

I want time to slow down as always but I try to just enjoy the moments I have with him. 

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