Monday, January 12, 2015

For me.

I sort of just had a wow moment. I recently made a blog about seasons. I've been trying to be more consistent with my quiet times and I've been doing that by reading She Reads Truth. So far I've enjoyed it but if I'm being completely honest sometimes I read it out of obligation. Today was one of those days. I put Isaac down for a nap and I really just wanted to sit here and watch tv and browse pinterest or facebook. I guiltily went to do the devotional though to sort of "get it out of the way". I know that's terrible. But the amazing thing is that God still uses these moments and can speak to us even when we aren't very open. Today's devotion was for me. You can read it here. I mentioned before that I felt like things in my life are sort of too good to be true and that I felt like something bad might be looming ahead of me to sort of balance out everything. I am fearful of God. I'm fearful that he is always waiting to take something away from me. In a way its like I don't think I'm "good" enough and that the blessings he gives me are contingent on me being a "good Christian". I don't know how I've gotten into this mindset but its something I need to work on. I know that he is good and will not forsake us but I don't know my God well enough. It is my goal to get to know him better through study and fellowship to correct this way of thinking that has been going on for far too long.

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