Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I don't know why I'm so emotional about Isaac getting older. I know that looking back at these past 8 months I have soaked up as much time as possible and don't really regret anything. I also had an epiphany. One of the reasons I'm scared and sad to stop breastfeeding is because I feel like it's one step closer to saying goodbye to my baby and bringing on the toddler that he's quickly turning in to. I also realized that when we move we will in a way be leaving his nursery behind. The room where I have clocked in countless hours of rocking, nursing, singing, reading and just cuddles and laughes. That's going to be a hard one. I have his whole life ahead of me God willing but I'm still doing my best to absolutely cherish and absorb every moment. Each day is different and brings new joy and challenges and when I blink I can look at Isaac and all of a sudden I can see that he's changed. His nose is more defined and his hair is longer. When did that happen? He's getting longer and some of his chubbiness is going away. Each day is just a fleeting moment that is gone and replaced quickly with another. So I'm trying not to blink. I can't and I won't miss a thing. 

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