Tuesday, January 20, 2015

8 months.

Time is flying by. I know I say this all the time but its true. I have an 8 month old. We are approaching the one year mark rapidly. His personality is developing more and more every day and boy is he funny. He loves to do this smile where he sort of snorts at the same time. I don't know how else to explain it other than CUTE! He isn't crawling yet ( and I'd like it if people would stop making me feel like he's behind!) but he can get up on all 4's and rock. He scoots backwards instead of forwards. What can I say? He does things a little different. He has 2 teeth. When that 2nd tooth was coming in he let everyone know that he didn't like it. Only 18 more baby teeth to go :-/

He's somewhere around 23.5 lbs. He can wear some 18 month clothing and his 12 month clothing is looking tight and short in the legs. He's gonna be tall!

Don't eat in front of him unless you give him something to eat too. He will get very upset! 

Yummmm broccoli!!

He is a routine baby. Break his routine and it aint pretty. The kid likes his own crib and doesn't travel well. He may have Justin's good looks but he's definitely got some of my personality. Sorry kid. 

He is still sleeping in his Zipadeezip and every once in awhile he will give me 7 hours a row. And it is gloriouussss. 

He is a joy. People ask me how I like staying home with him all day and what do I do, etc. I get to hang out with him and watch him grow. He makes me laugh and I love making him laugh. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything and that's truly a blessing. This time is so short and I want to absorb it all. 


  1. I mean, really, how can one baby be so cute?! I don't say this as the biased aunt... I think anyone would agree that he is the cutest baby boy on the planet! I can't get over his expressions!

    1. thanks! If you could only see how many different pictures I keep on my phone! He is definitely trained to look at a camera!