Tuesday, December 30, 2014


This is what a successful day looks like for me.

7:45 - woke up to Isaac poking my face with slobber hands
8:30 - eventually rolled out of bed
9:15 - was able to squeeze in a nap for Isaac which meant a cup of coffee for me
10:10 - realized that I should have gotten myself ready while Isaac was napping and now I have to rush to get Isaac and myself out the door in the next 10 min. The coffee and tv time was worth it though.
10:20 - I've successfully changed Isaac and gotten him dressed and in the car.
10:30 - Braid my hair at a stop light and hope that the left over eye liner from yesterday is enough make up for my errands. At least I managed to change out of my work out pants (that I don't use for working out).
10:35 - get to my Dr. appt 5 min early!
11:06 - leave pointless dr appt but at least Isaac was an angel
11:08 - arrive at grocery store
12:15 - make it back home with all groceries I need (at least I hope!)
12:45 - Put Isaac back down for a nap and I get to resume my position on the couch

Yep, that was pretty successful if you ask me.

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