Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Traditions.

For Isaac's first Christmas I had a couple of traditions that I wanted to do. Realistically I don't know if it will happen... I mean, Christmas is less than a week away.

  • Salt dough ornament
This is one thing I have done. Although it didn't turn out how I wanted at least it happened! Haha
The recipe I used is:
  1.  1 cup of salt
  2.  1 cup of flour
  3.  1/2 cup of water
Mix all 3 together then kneed dough until smooth. Use a bowl or whatever shape you want to make a mold then press your little ones hand or foot into the mold and voila! Then put into a 200 degree oven to bake for a few hours.

That's the recipe I followed but it didn't turn out the way the cute ones did on Pinterest.

These are prior to baking. So a little more on this... The dough was really really sticky. It took forever to get it to a consistency that you could press a little hand into and the dough wouldn't stick. Luckily you can just roll the dough up and try again however my 7 month old wasn't too thrilled to keep trying it over and over again. Also, it helps to have someone there with you. Its hard to hold a wiggly baby all the while trying to get them to press a flat hand and foot into some dough. Its a miracle I got what I got. Because my dough was so sticky I had to make the ornaments a little thick. The outcome? I had to bake it for about 6 hours for it to finally be dry. Usually its supposed to take 2-3 hours. I used a straw to poke the hole in the dough.

I recommend using a timer so you don't forget they're in the oven. I mean, its not like I did that *cough cough* Ok, I did. This is my finished product. it doesn't look half bad but they are way too heavy to use as ornaments! Oh well! Its good enough for me! I'll just buy him a "First Christmas" ornament.
  • A picture with Santa - So as my previous post mentioned we aren't going to go crazy with Santa but since this is Isaac's first Christmas I wanted to get a picture with him. If he cries its a bonus, haha. We haven't had a chance to do this one yet!
  • Christmas Eve service - I love to go to the Christmas Eve service at church. I don't know if we will be able to make it this year. It depends on how late it is but I look forward to doing this in the future.
I'll add to this more as I think of things but this is just a few of the traditions I look forward to doing!

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