Monday, October 13, 2014


I know that as a parent I will be making decisions that I will think are best for my child. Its pretty daunting. I'm trying to do something to help him.

Sleep training is going....I don't know what to think of it. He is settling down quicker at night and crying for shorter periods but he isn't staying asleep. He wakes up in an hour and the process starts over. Then he finally falls asleep and only stays asleep for 3 hours. The point of the Ferber method is that he should be sleeping for longer stretches. He isn't staying in a deep sleep and when he wakes up he should be able to settle himself down again. There's more to it than just crying it out at night time. He isn't napping well either. Naps are directly related to how he sleeps at night. During the day naps and cry it out are not working at all. I either have to nurse him to sleep, rock or use a paci and I don't know if that is confusing him at night time or not. He needs to be sleeping around 13 hours a day and he sleeps closer to 9 or 10. I just want to help him and at this point I don't know if Ferber is working. It can take up to a week and its been 3 nights. I don't want to give up too early but my precious angel is hoarse from all the crying. I feel like all I can do is pray that God will lead me to the right decision and that he will start sleeping better soon.

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