Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sleep training 2

So I wanted to do an update and make a post about my cry it out adventures with Isaac. The first round we tried the Ferber method and this is the breakdown.

Night 1
cried 40 min then slept for an hour and a half
cried for 2 hours and 25 min with a feeding and diaper change mixed in
slept 2.5 hours woke to eat then slept for 3 more hours

Night 2
cried 34 min and slept an hour
cried and fussed for 20 min
woke up to eat 3 hours later then slept 3.5 hours
woke up and cried 30 min
awake at 6:30 to eat and went back to sleep till 7:45

Night 3
cried 10 min and asleep by 8:30
awake at 9:08 cried till 9:32
dreamfeed at 10:30
wake at 1:05 and fed. Asleep by 1:23
Awake 2:35 changed diaper cried 20 min and asleep by 2:57
awake 4:51 and fed
Asleep 5:01 no crying.
Put in my bed at 6:20 when he woke again

That's the gist of it. He went down easy but woke up a lot. I was exhausted. The checks made everything worse I think. We stopped after 6 nights because he was so hoarse from crying. I was hoping the night time waking would stop.

So that following weekend we just went back to our old ways of putting him to sleep by rocking and nursing him to sleep and it was even worse! There were nights when I slept 3 hours or 4. We started sleep training once again on Sunday night. This time using Weissbluth's full extinction method. Here's the breakdown:

Night 1
cried 24 min asleep by 7:15
awake 10 pm ate and sleep by 10:15
awake 10:24 and cried 12 min. Asleep 10:43
Awake 11:35 cried 35 min then fed. Cried 12 more min then Asleep by 1:02 ( he laid quietly for awhile) Awake 2:05 cried 45 min then fed finally after that he cried for 5 min then slept till 6:35

Night 2
cried 24 min
sleep 7:30-10:10 fed
awake 11:40  cried for an hour and 15 min then I fed him then cried for 30-40 min.
Asleep 2:05-5:30

Night 3
Cried 13 min
slept 6:45-9:39. Fussed then fell back asleep by 10
Awake 11:40 fed and changed then asleep by 12
Awake 3:10 fed
Awake 5:30

Tonight I put him down at 6:45 awake in his crib and he didn't cry and was asleep before I even got downstairs. I seriously hope we are on our way to better sleep. He did good last night so I guess we'll see.

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