Thursday, August 21, 2014

Capture this moment.

Sometimes I do this thing where I try to stop and take a mental photograph to capture a moment. I try to memorize what is happening. One time my cousin, Chad and I had this bet that I couldn't remember a random cars license plate. So I told him I could and took a mental picture of it in my mind. To make it even more challenging he made me remember 2 of them. To this day I still think about those cars and remember the license plates. One was a white Dodge truck that was WBA 305 and a yellow Volkswagon truck G16 RLK.

Now I have moments that are more important than some random license plates that I try to remember. With little man I find myself trying to remember ALL of his moments. All of his smiles, giggles and even cries. Every moment is precious and a gift. I am fully taking advantage of all of my time with him and know that there are too many moments for me to capture and remember forever. I'm still going to try though.

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