Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New normal.

My son is officially 2 weeks old today. I've been a mom for 2 weeks! Ok, so maybe longer cause I did grow him for 9 months but I feel more official now that he's here. And he is growing so fast already! He's 9lbs 13oz and almost 22 inches long. He's gained a pound in the last week. Which is double what he's supposed to! We are in size one diapers and making our way out of the NB size clothes. I love him so much and I can already see what a difference his appearance has made in 2 weeks.

I've been dealing with some post partum issues but today has been a good day. I know I'm just trying to figure out what our new normal is. I'm not depressed just mostly anxious. No panic attacks or anything and hopefully I don't get any. I'm a little nervous about Justin going back to work next week and me being lonely. I'm grateful that I haven't felt overwhelmed taking care of Isaac and it has come very naturally for me. I'm starting to feel confident as a mother and know what my son needs when he starts crying. That is a good feeling.

On another note I'm down 16 lbs and I only have 10 more to lose! I cant wait to start working out again and have some muscles! I feel all floppy and flabby right now which is not a confidence booster! One more month and then I can start lifting weights! And hopefully I'll be able to start walking soon!

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