Friday, May 9, 2014


Ok, so I think a week is long enough to rest and prepare for baby. I'm tired of messing with the nursery. I just want a baby to put in there! I've had some mild cramping and contractions but nothing serious. Very sporadic. I'm hopeful that it means that my body is preparing and that it wont be long before I go into labor. Maybe my hopes are a little too high. I've been having to pray a lot and ask God to trust his timing and his plan. It might not be his plan for me to have him soon and have a vaginal birth. Whatever it is though it will be good.

I'm sick of watching tv and trying to fill my days with chores. I've stretched out all I can do. I try to nap and I usually get woken up by something. So if I'm going to be at home at least I want a cute baby to snuggle!

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