Monday, May 19, 2014

12 hours.

In 12 hours...roughly I will be on the way to the hospital to begin the birthing process and meet my son. I've had a lot of mixed emotions about this. Mostly excitement of course but I've had some moments of panic and worry as well. I was an emotional mess last night and I'm sure I can mostly blame the hormones but either way I was kind of miserable. I was just having this, "What have I done?" mood and I was honestly freaking out about being responsible for another little human that I've been incubating for the past 9 months.
I've grown a human (not alone obviously). It blows my mind. Its amazing and its a miracle and its about to come out. And then I'll take care of him for rest of my life basically. I love him and I'm excited that God chose me to be his mom but its just a little surreal. I know my life is changing for the better and while its sad and scary to say goodbye to my old life I know that what is to come is going to be amazing.

Alright little man I'm ready to meet you.

Your mom.

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