Sunday, March 23, 2014

Amazing shower.

Yesterday I had such an amazing day. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who love us so much. Yesterday we had our first baby shower. It completely surpassed my expectations. To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect. It was adorable and camping themed. I'll have some pictures later thanks to Julia! (Don't know what I'd do without her) I want to remember what took place and who was there so this will be sort of bullet style.
 People that attended:
-Julia (Hostess)
-Carrie (Hostess)
-Jenna (Hostess)
-Katie (Hostess)
-Cathy Ramm (Hostess)
-Tiffany and her mom
-Jennifer Enfinger Price
-Brittany Richards
- Staci Snyder
-Jillian Gaines
-Judy Gaines

Games we played:
- Ice cube baby - when the ice cube melts and the baby is floating you yell "My water broke". MicaAnn won.
- Guess how big my belly is - Everyone took a strip of toilet paper and tried to guess how big around my baby bump is. It was a tie between Jillian and Staci. Instead of a tiebreaker Staci let Jillian have the prize.
- Blindfolded diaper change - Jillian and Jennifer went first and Jennifer won that round. Then I went against Brittany and I won that round. Then it was Jennifer and I against each other since no one else wanted to do it. I won that round and got the prize!
The prizes for the games was some hand soap from Anthropologie that smells so good!

Memaw - handmade bedding, bumper pad, dust ruffle, sheet and burp cloths
Momma- Ergo baby carrier, clothes, and underwater crib toy (we didn't register for this but saw it at Babies R Us and wanted it but Momma didn't know that!)
Staci - high chair
MicaAnn - handmade tile light with a sailboat on it
Jennifer and Brittany - Bathtub
Jillian and Judy - Pack and Play
All my hostesses - car seat!
Jenna - Chevron basket with essentials like bottle soap, gas drops, laundry detergent, paci wipes, onesies and childrens book and more that I cant remember.
Tiffany and her mom Lynne - baby bottles and onesies

All in all it was such a great day one that I will remember forever. Baby Self already has so many people that love him and we are truly blessed!

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