Monday, February 17, 2014


So I feel like I'm sort of back to my old self again. I am ready to eat healthy (with some splurges of course!) but I don't feel like I want to eat all of the food all the time! We are transitioning back to a Paleo ish diet. The ish part is more for me because I don't feel like its completely necessary to cut out all dairy. I crave milk (which is weeeeird) and I'm not going to deprive myself of that when it doesn't give me negative side effects. I just wont be putting cheese on everything and I'll have some greek yogurt or a glass of milk if I want it. I've been exercising more and it really makes me feel good! We were in San Antonio this past weekend for a "babymoon" sorta. We just wanted to go somewhere that wouldn't be too pricey one more time. It was fun even though it wasn't very eventful. We went to San Marcos on the way on Friday and did some shopping. I soooo needed a good shopping trip! And we ate some ridiculously expensive barbeque in Lockhart. Saturday we went to the Alamo and the riverwalk pretty much aaaallllll day. We walked a ton. I think we walked a mile one way just to try out a restaurant that had a ton of great reviews. I think I walked at least 4miles that day. I was super tired and my ankles are still hurting from it but overall I felt great afterwards! My workouts have drastically changed from what they were 8-9 months ago. When I say that I "work out" now its more  like 20 mins of random exercise. I usually do a bunch of squats, deadlifts, try to hold a plank for 30 sec, a bunch of random arm workouts, pushups against the wall and as long as I can stand on the elliptical. I usually try to do a mile on the elliptical as fast as I can and that's about 8-9 min. It makes me feel good to at least do something. I know it will take awhile to be comfortable with my body after my son is born but I'm hoping that I'm motivated to at least continue what I'm doing now and hopefully continue clean eating.

I haven't found a ton of energy but I've been feeling more perky lately. I think it might be the weather and the feeling of spring. I actually really like winter but right now I'm ready to be in dresses and lighter clothing. I'm hoping that I wont have to buy any more maternity stuff for this last trimester. I just found out that Ross has a maternity section and scored some maternity capris! That's something I should be able to get a ton of use out of! I might pick up another dress or so and of course whatever I decide to wear for maternity pictures.

If I didn't have back pain or heartburn I would feel completely normal! Sometimes I do forget that I'm pregnant and pregnant looking and I feel like my old self. I hope this feeling sticks around a little longer! I have one more week of my second trimester and then I'm into the 3rd which I've heard can be horrible! Hopefully it wont get bad until the end!

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