Saturday, February 8, 2014

Good deal.

Today Justin and I went to a baby store that was having an anniversary sale. They had some goody bags that they were giving to the first 26 people (26th anniversary) and I got one! It came with a pacifier clip, a burp cloth, a sample of a preggie pop, a little snack bag and a $10 gift card! I was sooooo happy to get one. I got there 10 min before they opened and there were already 25 people in line. So I got lucky! They had 10% off the mattress that we had already planned on purchasing from them so we got that and we actually ended up getting a crib and dresser/changer!

Our dresser looks just a little different from this. But its close! Normally this set would be close to $1000 but we got it for $599 today and it came with the toddler rail (normally $100 extra) and they didn't charge tax. It was too much to pass up! I originally didn't want to get a convertible crib that had a high back to it like this one but I actually like this one! And the color is exactly what I wanted. I'm so excited but now I have to wait 6-8 weeks because they have to order it. I cannot wait for it to get here and set it up!

Yesterday Dr. Scott gave me an old bouncy chair that they had in storage.
Looks similar to this. I feel very blessed to be able to have so much already for our son!

I feel like everything is coming together and it just makes it all the more real and me all the more excited! I know he needs to cook for a few more months but I am just SO ready for him to be here! I'm trying not to wish away these last few months and just enjoy my pregnancy and having him so close to me. Once this pregnancy is over he wont be all to myself anymore and I know I'll miss seeing and feeling him kick me. I love him so much and I realize this is such a special time.

I've already scheduled a meet and greet with a possible pediatrician, looked into the classes I'll need to take, scheduled maternity photos, and more. I'm feeling pretty prepared. In the last trimester its my goal to obviously get the nursery/nook in our room set up with everything we need and I also want to wash everything I can. Another thing I plan on doing is making some crockpot meals and freezing them. I don't want to have to cook much the first couple weeks or month even.

So blessed.


  1. LOVE the crib and dresser! They are perfect... and that deal is even more amazing!!
    So happy for y'all and so, so, so excited to meet him!

  2. Yeah, I definitely couldn't pass it up!