Monday, January 20, 2014


I've been doing a fast lately. I've been fasting from social media in the mornings until after I've done my devotional and prayed. That usually means I don't look at anything on my phone until lunchtime. Unless I'm off work and then I'll look a little earlier. It has definitely helped my relationship with God. I was feeling like I was in a dry season with him and it was because I was so distracted by everything else that I couldn't listen to him. When I've been praying recently I've been praying that God would direct my life and that basically I trust in him with it no matter what the outcome. This can be kind of scary because after I pray this I wonder if something bad (like tragic) is going to happen and that I'll be tested. I know I don't need to think like this but I still do. I have no reason not to trust him though he has blessed me so undeservingly so far.

Yesterday our pastor preached on dreams. Basically about giving your dreams to God. I realized that I feel like I don't have as many dreams for myself anymore. Now when I pray I'm usually praying for my son and his life. I pray that I can be the best parent I can and that I will be able to show him Gods love on a daily basis. More than the minute. I want him to grow up loving God and praying. I pray that God will bless him and use him for his good works. Nothing else matters anymore. Now my only dream is to own my own house again someday and maybe travel. That's it. Simplicity and loving God.

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