Monday, December 30, 2013


According to babybump app my baby can hear some sounds. They said a baby can hear like its under water and can hear my voice and hunger pains. This baby might come out and be afraid of dinosaurs cause that's what its been listening to for 4 months or so. My poor baby I hope its not freaked out because my stomach growls ALL the time. Because I'm always freaking hungry. Actually, I'm hangry. Hungry + Angry = Hangry. I'm angry because I'm always hungry. It gets annoying.

This app has also told me that I'm supposed to sleep on my left side because there is better blood flow and to not sleep on my back at all. So what happens? Everytime I wake up in the night I'm freaking out because I'm on the wrong side or even worse I wake up on my back 80% of the time. I am NOT a back sleeper by nature. So why, when I've never been one before am I one now when its harmful to my baby? My only explanation is that I try to turn from my right side to the left in my sleep and fall back to sleep half way (while I would be on my back). I don't know. This belly is growing and turning over isn't as easy as it used to be. Just getting up to pee is a chore and don't even get me started on having to pee. What is it like to empty your bladder all the way? I'm starting to forget.

But then the most wonderful thing happens. My baby decides to start dancing and its just shaking and grooving in my belly and I just love feeling it all the time. Yes, its kinda weird that something is moving inside of me but I love it. I cant help it. I love that I get to be kind of selfish and experience so much while I'm growing this baby. Sometime I think that I just want to speed ahead because I just want to hold him/her. I really am so excited.

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