Sunday, December 8, 2013


Life has been good. I think that we are finally both feeling that its all real. We are actually going to have a baby. I've definitely been in the Christmas spirit this year. Last year I remember that it didn't really feel like Christmas and that made me sad because it was my first year out of school. The cold weather that we've had has certainly made it feel more Christmas-y. I think we are trying to make the most of our last Christmas as a family of 2 before our precious angel is here next year. This is probably the last year it will be about us and a more selfish Christmas.

I'm definitely showing now and so far I've been loving it! And its been nice to share a little bit of my pregnancy with other people and facebook.

Other than that nothing is really going on and that is nice as well.

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  1. You'll always have a selfish Christmas, Mrs. Self! :)