Tuesday, October 15, 2013

8 weeks!

I am 8 weeks and the whole family knows now! It was good getting it out in the open and its more exciting when you have people you can talk to! My appointment went very well and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. It was 146 bpm and very strong! It was almost surreal to hear it. It gave me such relief it was the moment I had definitely been waiting for. I almost starting crying! We also got our first baby gift. My mom had bought some really cute material for a baby blanket almost a year ago. She didn't have anyone in mind but had been buying gifts for co-workers that were pregnant. So my memaw made that into a baby blanket and my mom gave it to me this weekend! Also Justin's memaw gave my some of the old golden books from when he was a kid. You know the ones with the gold foil spine? I love those.

here's the survey!
How far along?: 8 weeks

Maternity clothes?: Nope, not yet!

Sleep: I'm not sleeping very well. I wake up a lot to use the restroom and I just flip and flop all night long.
Best moment of the week: It's early in the week so nothing too spectacular has happened.

Movement: Nope, too early.
Food Cravings: Lots of carbs. I usually crave something then I'll eat it and never want to eat it again. Like sandwiches...yuck never again.

Gender:  too early

Belly Button: innie

What I miss: Sleeping all night, having a normal appetite.

What I am looking forward to: my next doctor appt!

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