Tuesday, October 1, 2013

6 weeks?

So had my first OB appt today and it did not go as I expected. I'm not as far along as I expected to be. I should be almost 8 weeks according to my last missed period. But my Dr. was having a hard time finding anything on the ultrasound and she thinks I'm less than 6 weeks. We couldn't hear a heartbeat and she wants me to have another ultrasound next week to "make sure I'm progressing". She did say that she doesn't think its a miscarriage but that freaked me out when she said that. I wasn't even thinking about that. She said the reason I probably haven't been having symptoms is because its too early and I'm not as far along. Kinda stressful and it wasn't the fun appt I thought it would be. I honestly expected her to give me some dietary restrictions and stuff like that but it was pretty basic. She asked me if I had questions and I didn't. So we did the ultrasound and all that.

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