Saturday, September 28, 2013


We have not told any of our family yet that we are pregnant. We have been trying to plan a trip to Tyler so we can tell everyone but I found out that my parents are going to Galveston next weekend for their anniversary so we are planning on telling them then! They might bring my brother to stay at our house while they are in Galveston. So I'm really excited to tell them! I'm at the point where I am ready to announce it. We have our first doctor appt on Tuesday. I'm hoping I get a picture of the sonogram that I can use for the announcement. The following weekend we will probably go to Tyler and tell the rest of the family. So far the pregnancy has been good with minimal to almost no symptoms. I'm way more bloated than usual and its taking me a long time to digest food ( which makes me feel fat :-/ ) . But I've been lucky so far to not have any morning sickness. I really expected to have some. But there is still plennnttyyy of time for it to develop. The only other strange thing that's been going on is I've been a little more stressed. Not for any reason. I guess its just sinking in that life is changing and it will never be the same. Sometimes I get nervous about that but I have to remember that its going to change but its also going to be better. We are so blessed and I know that this little baby will be so much better than I have ever imagined. Change is still a little scary though.

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