Monday, August 12, 2013


Sometimes the Lord speaks to you when you're not expecting it. At church yesterday the message was for me. I know it was probably for other people too but I know in my heart it was for me. I didn't know how much I needed to hear it. It's still on my mind today. I want to rest in the Lord. He is taking care of me and always will. Instead of praying for God to take care of something for me or help me with something I need to pray a prayer of thanks because it is already done. He is so faithful to me and I need to rest in the fact that he has me in the palm of his hands. At this moment I have so much peace about the future/money/job/babies/etc because I know the one who designed the stars and the earth already has it figured out for me. So why do I want to try and control it? I just hope this stays and that I can remind myself of this everyday if I have to.

I'm ready for a change and I don't know if one is coming but if it is I trust in the Lord with all that I have. My life, marriage, job, location....whatever. I'm just resting.

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